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Dealing with cancelled competitions

Many, if not all clubs, have cancelled all meetings and as a consequence, have cancelled print competitions. To remove these competitions to prevent accidental entry, follow these step depending which scenario matches:


by Colin Woods, March 27, 2020

Interclub entry for MyPhotoClub clubs

Clubs using MyPhotoClub can now nominate entries from all of the entries within their club database to form their entry into any MyPhotoClub hosted interclub competition.

Currently, MyPhotoClub hosts these interclub competitions:

  • APS Australian Cup
  • NSW FCC Interclub
  • Northern Zone Interclub

by Colin Woods, March 26, 2020

Three panel Judging

Having three judges to assess score entries is the standard arrangement for ‘formal competitions’ which may have national or international accreditation. MyPhotoClub offers a several options to facilitate this.

  1. Three judges in a room together view each entry (print or projected) and record the score for each entry using a USB Keypad connected to a computer. This is known as the DJS software/keypad method.
  2. Online scoring of digital entries each entry by a judge from their home. Can be done
Read mored

by Colin Woods, March 22, 2020

The Critique Corner

 MyPhotoClub has a new feature called the Critique Corner.  I can tell you that through the testing of this feature and personally uploading a few images  I have gained substantial value from the feedback received.  There will be a natural shyness by members to put forward images so please upload an image yourself to get the ball rolling.


by Colin Woods, March 19, 2020

Video recording method for remotely judging prints

MyPhotoClub has a comprehensive remote judging system. This system is used primarily for digital entries but there is no reason why it cannot be used for prints. There are two possible ways to record the judge’s comments, either by writing the comments or by recording them on video.


by MyPhotoClub Colin, June 1, 2019

Spam filter preventing posts from being received by email

This is the most common cause for a member or competition entrant not receiving email messages from your website.

For Bigpond email addresses please look at this article:https://rivkin.com.au/all/bigpond-email-users-how-to-whitelist-rivkins-emails/

and follow the steps but use the address *@myphotoclub.com.au and not *@rivkin.com.au to allow our messages to come through.


by Colin Woods, May 8, 2019