Online scoring is the process of each judge assigning a score to each entry using a web page. For digital competitions, the judge uses a high-resolution monitor to display the original image and assigns a score.

For print competitions, the same system can be used, where a mobile device is used to record the score, and a small copy of the image is shown to ensure they are scoring the correct image.

The following preparatory steps are done:

  • The option “Use Set-Order for print entries” is set under Labels in Collection Maintenance. This needs to be in place before entries are received.
  • Each entry will have Set number and Order number. The label generated by the system during entry has these details. Once all entries are received the prints are sorted so that set 1 order 1 is shown first followed by set 1 order 2, and so on.
  • Each judge is assigned to the competition(s) using the Online Scoring page in Collection Management.
  • Each judge has an internet-connected smartphone or tablet, on which they can access email and click on the link on the invitation email to log them into the online scoring page.
  • They are ready to score when they have logged in and selected the competition. The first image should be the image designated Set 1 Order 1.
  • The competition manager will need a computer connected to the internet, logged in, and viewing the Collection Management page.

There are two methods for the judges to score the prints:

Stand method:

  • The prints are placed on stands in order.
  • Each judge then starts at the first print, which is the first print they will see on the online scoring page on their device for the competition.
  • They assess the print and tap on the blue number to record their score. The score is briefly shown and the page advances to the next print.
  • They repeat this until they have scored all prints.
  • They can review/change their score by using the arrow key to go back. The score given is now in green.

Display booth

  • The prints are placed on the display booth in order.
  • To score the print the judges assess the print and then enter their score on their device.
  • They confirm that the print image is the same as the image on their device and tap the blue number to The score is briefly shown and the page advances to the next print.
  • The person placing the prints into the booth waits a reasonable amount of time and asks if they have all scored.
  • On receiving “yes” from all judges the next print is placed.
  • They can review/change their score by using the arrow key to go back. The score given is now in green.

Managing awards selection

When all prints have been scored the first image will again be shown on each of the judges’ devices. They tap the Return button and they will see a page informing them they have finished.

These steps are done by the competition manager.

  • Go into Online scoring and click on the competition button. If all judges are listed as completed then proceed, otherwise have the judge review on their device what entry is not scored.
  • With all judges completed use the red button “Close Scoring – use completed scores to produce results”. This totals the scores and assigns them to the entries.
  • Go to the Awards and Acceptances page for the competition section
  • This gives the entries in the highest score order descending.
  • The print order column identifies the print e.g 1005 is Set 1 Order 5
  • Use the Show score filters / Set Acceptance Scores button to see a table that lists the total scores gained.
  • The buttons on the table enable a filter to be applied and reloads the page, only showing the entries selected.
  • Use the filters to select a >= score range that gives you slightly more entries than you have awards to assign.
  • Use the reduced list displayed to select the prints from stands or the stack. Place them on a stand or table for the judges to view together.
  • As the judges select a print and nominate the award click on the thumbnail of the entry to assign the award.
  • Place the awarded prints on a stand or table in the order now shown on the Awards and Acceptances page.

The award process is now finished.

Setting the acceptance score.

Do this AFTER all awards are finalised.

Go to the Awards and Acceptances page for the competition section

  • If the table shown in the Show score filters / Set Acceptance Scores table has a score that meets your criteria, then use the set acceptance button to set that score.
  • This will assign all entries that have not received an award an Acceptance to those equal or higher than the score selected and Not Accepted to those below that score.
  • If you need to ‘split’ a score to obtain a desired acceptance rate then use the = filter to produce a list of prints that need to be spilt as required. An additional round of scoring can be created if there are is a large number of prints and you require the judges to score this subset again.

If you do not require an acceptance score

In this case then use the lowest score in the table to set the acceptance score, so that all entries that do not receive an award get an Acceptance.

The final result should show on the Awards and Acceptances page with all entries have either an award, Acceptance or Not Accepted in the result column.