Each competition is assigned a scoring regime. This provides several aspects associated with an entry gaining an award:

  • The award name
  • A Score – Points Awarded value that is used for ordering entries – higher value for higher awards
  • The Score – Points Awarded value is also used for photography club poinstcore tracking.
  • Items per catalog page – this value determines how this entry will be displayed in the PDF catalog. Generally the top award has 1 item per page and the lower awards are allocated higher item values to share the page with other entries.
  • Display order determines the order when selecting awards.

Score threshold.

The score threshold uses the Score – Points Awarded value for two purposes:

  • Determines if the entry will be included in the results post that appears on the home page when the results are published.
  • Determines if the entry will be part of the set of images randomly selected to be shown in the carousel of entries on the home. (assumes carousel is turned on in Site Settings)

Creating a Scoring Regime

  • From Management go to Manage Collections or Collection Management
  • Go to the Scoring Regime page using the blue Scoring Regimes button in the top right.
  • This page is also accessible from the Maintenance page of any collection.
  • At the bottom of the page use the Add a new scoring regime box to create a new regime
  • The page will reload and show the new regime with a blank award to fill in.
  • Fill in this award and save using the Save button at the end of the row.
  • Use the New Scoring item button to create a new blank item to fill in and save.
  • Repeat this for all of your awards
  • Please ensure you add an award named Accepted or Acceptance as this is required by the system
When your Scoring Regime is completed please go to the Maintenance page for the collection you wish to use it with and assign it.