Giving awards to your online scored entries have a few steps:

  • Conclude scoring
  • Review the top scoring images
  • Assign each entry their award
  • Assign an Acceptance level

Conclude scoring:

This step is done using the Online Scoring page on the Manage your collection name page

Once your online scorers have reported back that they have finished scoring you can conclude scoring and reveal the total scores each entry has received.

  • For each competition section:
    • Select the competition section using the buttons on the left
    • Confirm that each scorer has scored all entries.
    • Click on the red button Close Scoring – Use Completed Scorers to produce results.
    • The page reloads showing entries ordered by highest score.
  • Any scorer who has not scored all images will be ignored.
  • If a scorer happens to have an entry in the competition, the score they gave will be replaced with an average of the other scores for their entry.

Note: You can re-open scoring by assigning a person as a scorer. Closing again will use all scores from completed scorers.

The remaining steps are done using the Awards and Acceptances page on the Manage your collection page. There is a pink help button on this page with a video that you should review before proceeding.

Review the top scoring images

Once the page has loaded select a competition.

Click the blue Show Score Filters / Set Acceptance rate button.

Take a moment to absorb how this table is set up and what each column allows you to do.

First up use the “Filter by >=score not awarded” column to select a small number of top images. Clicking the button will reload the page and only show those who match the filter you applied.

Use the pink “Show/Hide Slideshow of Selected Images” button to see the full size image.

  • Click on the right or left edge of the image to move to the next image
  • Use the small X at the bottom to close this view

Use the purple “Show images side by side” button to see all filtered images together.

Assign each entry their award

  • To assign an award return from the Slideshow or Side by Side view
  • Click on the image thumbnail to bring up the Result entry box
  • Use the buttons to assign the award
  • A tick next to the award indicates the number of times this award has been given in this competition section
  • If you have a filter set using not awarded the entry just awarded will be removed when the page reloads.

Assign an Acceptance level

Once all awards are given then set the desired acceptance level. This will assign the award Acceptance to all entries equal to or above the acceptance level and Not Accepted to the remained.

If your competition does not have an Acceptance level set it to the lowest score. This affects result messages and catalog production so please do this step.