Audience: This guide is for competitions that are open to the public and accept entry fees.

Assumption:  The next round of the competition is largely the same as the previous round.  Note that the “competition” is called a collection, as it is typically a collection of competition sections.

Update all information (content) on the website to reflect the next competition round.

There are two areas to update and check the content your entrant can use:

  1. The content on the left side of the home page
  2. The content behind each of the grey buttons 
  3. Replace the first slide on the home page to reflect your next round
    – Go to Management > Site Settings: button labelled Upload the first slide that shows on the front page

When logged in you will see edit buttons at the bottom of the each content area. This takes you to the WordPress editor to make your changes.

This article has details on the layout of the home page and editing your content

Set previous competition collection to be not the Current Competition.

The active collection setting enables:

  • Visibility of the green entry button on the home page.
  • Visibility of the purple and pink buttons allowing quick access on the Management menu

To set:

  • Go to Management > Collection Management > select the collection > select Maintenance. 
  • Unde the Active Competition area uncheck This is the current competition
  • Save the changes

Duplicate the previous round’s collection

This creates a copy of all of the settings and structure for the next round.

  • Go to Management > Collection Management > select the collection > select Maintenance:
  • Use the Duplicate Collection button.
  • Choose the middle purple button to Duplicate Collection and Competitions.

Once duplicated, the maintenance page for the new collection is displayed.

Change these details to reflect your next round:

  • Collection name
  • Collection description (place your approval numbers in this field)
  • Set the closing date (you may need to right click on the date/time  to access these)
  • Change the year to place the collection to the appropriate year
  • Leave the opening date as a date in the past so that the entry form will be accessible for you to test. You can change this later if you wish to not accept entries before a certain date.

Save these changes

Check and setup the competitions.

Go to Management > Collection Management > select the collection > select Maintenance > select the blue Edit Competitions button.

  • Check the names of each competition reflect what you wish to offer in this round.
  • Check the maximum number of entries within each competition are correct.
  • If necessary, use the Create a new competition to add an additional section, or the delete button to remove a section.
  • Do not be concerned about the Category option – this is just for MyPhotoClub members to filter there entries. Select the closest match and if in doubt use Open.
  • Use the Save button at the end of each row to save your changes as you go.

Check the overall numbers of entries and image dimensions.

Return to the Collection Maintenance page. On this page:

  • Check that the total number of entries, total number of prints and total number of digital allow the correct number of entries to be submitted.
  • Confirm the image dimensions and file size are correct.

Check and set the entry fees

On the Maintenance page find the Entry Fee option section and select Manage Charges.

This page shows the fees duplicated from the previous round.  Adjust as necessary.

NOTE: if you change the number of overall entries or wish to use a different fee structure, contact to adjust the fee table for you. 

Remove the previous payment information

Go to Management and use Access the Dashboard to see the WordPress dashboard for your site.

Go to the Payments option (bottom of the list on left). Use the Delete All option to delete payment data from previous competitions.

Check and set group payments

If you offer group payment discounts, on the Maintenance page find the Entry Fee option section and select Manage Group Payments.

This page shows the discount information duplicated from the previous round.  Adjust as necessary.

NOTE: if you wish change the number of discounts contact to adjust this for you. 

Check and set pre-entry checks

Pre-entry checks are the conditions of entry, etc that the entrant is presented with before accessing the entry form.

If you wish change the pre-entry checks contact to adjust this for you. 

Create an award certificate for the collection

An A4 award certificate with a custom background image for the competition collection can be generated.

On the Maintenance page:

  • Check the box for Use A4 collection award certificates. 
  • Save changes
  • Use the Upload award certificate image link to access the page
  • Follow the instructions on the

Check and set the awards that are to be given.

The awards are set and managed within the Scoring Regime for this collection.

When duplicated the scoring regime from the previous round is assigned.

If the awards to be given are the same as the previous round there is nothing to do. 

Otherwise follow the separate guide for scoring regimes.

In summary you will need to:

  • go the Maintenance page:
  • Select Scoring Regimes
  • Create a new scoring regime and populate it with items.
  • Return to the maintenance page and select this newly created scoring regime as the one to use and save the changes.