It is important to test the entry process as by going through the process yourself you will be best able to assist with any queries regarding entry.

Set the competition to the current competition

If the collection has a status of open the home page will have the green button labelled “Click here to enter collection name”.

The closing and opening date/times determine the collection status, which in turn affects the labelling of this green button.

On the Maintenance page:

  • Check the option This is the active competition
  • Save changes

Go to the home page to confirm green entry button labelling is correct.

Logout and follow the pre-entry check process

  • Logout using the red logout button
  • Select the green Click here to enter collection name
  • A login box will appear login
  • Login with your email address and password.
  • Note the ability to edit your contact details
  • Answer yes to any options that are required to proceed
  • Save Options
  • Use the blue button to proceed to the entry form

Use the entry form

  • Note that the maximum number of images, image size & dimensions and closing date is correct.
  • Read the entry help page – especially the Having Problems? section.
  • Upload some images and allocate them to competitions
  • Note that the filename is suggested as the title and the title can be edited (maximum length 35 characters)
  • Note the tick being applied to the competition after an entry is submitted
  • If you are a member of a MyPhotoClub club you will have the option to select a previously uploaded image using the green button just above the drag and drop area.
  • Attempt to upload an image that has dimensions that are larger than the rules so you can see how this is handled
  • Note that the entry fee that is to be charged as you add entries
  • Use the blue view / edit to change a title and remove an entry.
  • Leave some entries in place and return to the home page by clicking on your site logo or name.

View the entries and entrants

  • From the home page select Management and View Entries in collection name
  • See how your entries are displayed and the information that is visible.
  • Note that you can filter to show just one competition section
  • Note that you can download a CSV file of entry data
  • Select the blue Entrants button to go to the entrant page
  • Note that this page has payment information
  • Note that the No of Images column allows you to view all entries from that entrant, with the option to delete all their entries
  • Remove your entries but leave one entry to test the payment system, if payments are collected.

Make a payment to confirm the payment process is functioning

  • Reduce your entries down so that the minimum entry fee is requested.
  • Make your payment using the paypal system
  • You must use a different paypal email address/account to the one that is receiving the payments.
  • Make the payment and see the process of being taken to paypal and then returning to the website.
  • Go to entrants page and see that your payment is recorded and your due balance is zero.
  • Go to the PayPal account receiving the payments and issue yourself a refund. If you are using MyPhotoClub’s PayPal account contact Colin for a refund.
  • Remove your entries from the entry form.

If necessary set the opening date-time in the maintenance page to the date you wish to open for entries.