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Preparing your competition for judging after entries close

The competition collection will close automatically using the closing date/time set in Manage > Maintenance. The status of the collection after this date/time passes will be set to closed.

When the collection is closed the following changes occur:

  • The green entry button on the home page will change to “Competition now closed. click here to review entries /pay fees for your competition collection name”.
  • Entrants can still access the entry form to pay their entry fee and adjust the titles of their entries.

Cleanse your entries

It is important to make any changes to the entries BEFORE the judges are invited to assess the entries:

  • Follow up entrants who have not paid their entry fee. Use the View Entrants page to see payment status and send reminders as needed.
  • Use the View Entries page to review all entries and entrant names and correct any obvious errors in capitalisation – this will ensure your catalog looks good.
  • Remove any entries or move them to the correct competition

Reset the competition order

When all of your entries are finalised, then re-open the competition collection by temporarily changing the closing date to a date in the future. Save this change and go to the home page to confirm the competition collection is open. Then return to the maintenance page and set the closing date back to the original closing date and save your changes.

This ensures that all of the display orders are correct for you judges.

Judging methods

Multiple judges using a numeric scoring method – Online Scoring

This is the most common method for large volumes of entries:

  • The first round of selection is for each judge to score each entry using a range of 1 to 5, or 1 to 9.
  • Each judge is assigned the competition(s) and is sent an invite
  • The invite details the competition(s) assigned and provides a link that will log the judge in and take them to the starting page.
  • They then score each entry. Once all entries are scored they can review the entries grouped by the score given.
  • The judge can then send a message back to acknowledge they are finished.
  • Once all judges have finished the scoring is closed and the sum of the scores is applied to each of the entries.
  • The scores are then assessed. Typically the judges are then recalled and an online session is conducted to determine the award winners. The Awards and Acceptances page facilitates this.
  • Extra rounds of scoring can be done by selecting presenting a set of entries here a large number of entries needs to be split to either obtain an acceptance score or to reduce the number of entries.
  • The show score filter / set acceptance rate popup box on the Awards and Acceptances page facilitates additional scoring rounds.

A single judge that provides comments and gives awards – Remote Judging

This is the most common method for clubs or small volume competitions where the feedback provided is valued as high as the award given.

Use the Remote Judging page to set this up. The judge is assigned to one or all of the competitions within the collection. Use the Judge Selection and Status to assign judges and track their progress. Use Send Invites to send their judging invitation which includes links to auto log them in.

Circuit Exhibitions

A circuit is where an entrant submits entries to a competition collection once, and it is judged by multiple sets of judging panels.

The first, most important step is to ensure that all entries have been checked and are valid using the steps detailed earlier.

Go into the Maintenance page of your competition collection and remove the checkbox the indicates that this is the current collection. This removes the green entry button from the home page.

Access to the collection and the circuit collections you will create is via the Collection Management button under Management.

Each circuit is created by creating a complete copy of the original entries. The original entries are not judged and kept as the master copy.

The steps to create a circuit are :

  • Use the Duplicate Collection option on the Maintenance page of your collection.
  • Select the orange button “Duplicate the collection, create copies of all the competitions in that collection, and make copies of all entries”
  • This creates a copy of the collection.
  • It will be named Copy of .. your collection name. Rename the collection to the circuit name.
  • If any entries need to be removed from this circuit then follow the steps stated earlier regarding removing entries and temporarily opening and closing the collection to ensure display orders are correct.
  • Assign your judges as required and send invites.
  • Now return to the original competition collection and repeat this process for each circuit.

When complete, the Manage Collections page should show the original collection and a collection for each of the circuits.

Remember that no judges or scores are done within the original entry collection.

by Colin Woods, September 23, 2021

Editing the entry form’s competition rules

The orange button on the entry form provides a link to a pdf document stored on your site.

There is one document per site so the same document appears on any entry form for a collection that is created.

This document is uploaded by going to Webmaster > Site Settings and using the blue button “Upload your competition rules – appears on the entry form.”

This document should contain competition rules, set subject definitions & guidelines for other entry opportunities that are provided.

If the only competition series offered is your monthly point score then a copy of the rules for this is suggested.

If there are other entry opportunities then it is suggested this document be set up as a link page to each set of rules/guidelines. The documents can be stored as individual links within one of the grey members’ buttons.

Note that you can create and edit basic pdf documents in Microsoft Word. Save as suitable for online to maintain links in the document.

by Colin Woods, August 18, 2021

Using online scoring to judge print competitions

Online scoring is the process of each judge assigning a score to each entry using a web page. For digital competitions, the judge uses a high-resolution monitor to display the original image and assigns a score.

For print competitions, the same system can be used, where a mobile device is used to record the score, and a small copy of the image is shown to ensure they are scoring the correct image.


by Colin Woods, July 11, 2021

Online Scoring – setting awards and acceptances

Giving awards to your online scored entries have a few steps:

  • Conclude scoring
  • Review the top scoring images
  • Assign each entry their award
  • Assign an Acceptance level

Conclude scoring:

This step is done using the Online Scoring page on the Manage your collection name page

Once your online scorers have reported back that they have finished scoring you can conclude scoring and reveal the total scores each entry has received.

  • For each competition section:
    • Select the competition section using the buttons on the left
    • Confirm that each scorer has scored all entries.
    • Click on the red button Close Scoring – Use Completed Scorers to produce results.
    • The page reloads showing entries ordered by highest score.
  • Any scorer who has not scored all images will be ignored.
  • If a scorer happens to have an entry in the competition, the score they gave will be replaced with an average of the other scores for their entry.

Note: You can re-open scoring by assigning a person as a scorer. Closing again will use all scores from completed scorers.

The remaining steps are done using the Awards and Acceptances page on the Manage your collection page. There is a pink help button on this page with a video that you should review before proceeding.

Review the top scoring images

Once the page has loaded select a competition.

Click the blue Show Score Filters / Set Acceptance rate button.

Take a moment to absorb how this table is set up and what each column allows you to do.

First up use the “Filter by >=score not awarded” column to select a small number of top images. Clicking the button will reload the page and only show those who match the filter you applied.

Use the pink “Show/Hide Slideshow of Selected Images” button to see the full size image.

  • Click on the right or left edge of the image to move to the next image
  • Use the small X at the bottom to close this view

Use the purple “Show images side by side” button to see all filtered images together.

Assign each entry their award

  • To assign an award return from the Slideshow or Side by Side view
  • Click on the image thumbnail to bring up the Result entry box
  • Use the buttons to assign the award
  • A tick next to the award indicates the number of times this award has been given in this competition section
  • If you have a filter set using not awarded the entry just awarded will be removed when the page reloads.

Assign an Acceptance level

Once all awards are given then set the desired acceptance level. This will assign the award Acceptance to all entries equal to or above the acceptance level and Not Accepted to the remained.

If your competition does not have an Acceptance level set it to the lowest score. This affects result messages and catalog production so please do this step.

by Colin Woods, June 13, 2021

Setting up awards & scoring regimes

Each competition is assigned a scoring regime. This provides several aspects associated with an entry gaining an award:

  • The award name
  • A Score – Points Awarded value that is used for ordering entries – higher value for higher awards
  • The Score – Points Awarded value is also used for photography club poinstcore tracking.
  • Items per catalog page – this value determines how this entry will be displayed in the PDF catalog. Generally the top award has 1 item per page and the lower awards are allocated higher item values to share the page with other entries.
  • Display order determines the order when selecting awards.

Score threshold.

The score threshold uses the Score – Points Awarded value for two purposes:

  • Determines if the entry will be included in the results post that appears on the home page when the results are published.
  • Determines if the entry will be part of the set of images randomly selected to be shown in the carousel of entries on the home. (assumes carousel is turned on in Site Settings)

Creating a Scoring Regime

  • From Management go to Manage Collections or Collection Management
  • Go to the Scoring Regime page using the blue Scoring Regimes button in the top right.
  • This page is also accessible from the Maintenance page of any collection.
  • At the bottom of the page use the Add a new scoring regime box to create a new regime
  • The page will reload and show the new regime with a blank award to fill in.
  • Fill in this award and save using the Save button at the end of the row.
  • Use the New Scoring item button to create a new blank item to fill in and save.
  • Repeat this for all of your awards
  • Please ensure you add an award named Accepted or Acceptance as this is required by the system
When your Scoring Regime is completed please go to the Maintenance page for the collection you wish to use it with and assign it.

by Colin Woods, April 20, 2021

Testing your competition entry & monitoring process

It is important to test the entry process as by going through the process yourself you will be best able to assist with any queries regarding entry.


by Colin Woods, April 20, 2021

Creating the next round of your public competition

Audience: This guide is for competitions that are open to the public and accept entry fees.


by Colin Woods, April 20, 2021

Monitoring entries while the competition is open

It is a good practice to monitor entries as they come in. For specific categories it allows entrants to be informed of incorrect images.

by Ziggy Woods, February 24, 2021

Advanced editing of the right panel

Each button on the right panel is displayed based on the ‘permalink’ name of the page. Take care not to change the permalink name of the page.

The permalink name of a page can be displayed and edited by clicking on the title:


by Colin Woods, February 23, 2021

The Collection Maintenance page

The collection maintenance page has all the settings for a collection of competitions and provides access to:

  • maintain the competitions within the collection
  • scoring regimes that can be applied to collections
  • duplicate a collection to create a new collection that carries over the settings.

by Colin Woods, February 23, 2021