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Recent posts

Monitoring entries while the competition is open

It is a good practice to monitor entries as they come in. For specific categories it allows entrants to be informed of incorrect images.

by Ziggy Woods, February 24, 2021

Advanced editing of the right panel

Each button on the right panel is displayed based on the ‘permalink’ name of the page. Take care not to change the permalink name of the page.

The permalink name of a page can be displayed and edited by clicking on the title:


by Colin Woods, February 23, 2021

The Collection Maintenance page

The collection maintenance page has all the settings for a collection of competitions and provides access to:

  • maintain the competitions within the collection
  • scoring regimes that can be applied to collections
  • duplicate a collection to create a new collection that carries over the settings.

by Colin Woods, February 23, 2021

Scoring Regimes

Each competition collection has a scoring regime associated with it. To access this go Manage Collections to the Maintenance page and select the button Scoring Regimes.


by Colin Woods, February 23, 2021

The Site Settings page

The site settings page is accessible either through the red Webmaster or red Management button. There are a series of buttons to access pages for the purposes list and a series of yes-no sliders that should be set and then the Save options button pressed.


by Colin Woods, February 23, 2021

Editing the content on the home page

The homepage of your MyPhotoClub competition site is a standard template. The layout is arranged to allow all content to be editable by the site management.

If you are logged in and have management access you will see a red or orange button at the bottom of the Right Panel. A green Edit button will be visible at the bottom of the left panel.


by Colin Woods, February 23, 2021

Zoom Q&A session

I will be hosting a Zoom session open to any user or potential users of MyPhotoClub to attend. Time: Apr 26, 2020 04:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Please email any questions or topics you would like to cover. The link was emailed but removed due to security risks.

by Colin Woods, April 24, 2020

Providing a sample file for your competition.

A new feature has been added to allow competitions to have a reference or sample file available for download. There are several ways this can be used, but it was developed with the concept of a RAW challenge in mind. After a workshop on processing, upload a sample raw file for all members to download and work on, then submit their JPG versions. Colour to black & white is an obvious application.

How to set this up


by Colin Woods, April 22, 2020

Image Comments

A comment can now be added to any image uploaded into MyPhotoClub. This feature has been added to all entry forms. After an entry has been made the entrant can use the blue View / Remove Entries button to access a popup that enables adding/editing of comments and titles. Titles can now be edited as well.

How are these comments used?

These comments are not visible to a judge of your competition. The only exception is the APS Conceptual Photography prize, where the comment is part of the entry.

For clubs, when a competition is published and viewable to members the authors comment will appear at the top of the comments. Below you can see the comment added to an entry of mine and how it sits with the judges comments and another members comment.


by Colin Woods, April 22, 2020

Feature update / highlight banner

It is now possible to edit the title of your entry after it has been submitted.

The ongoing challenge is to keep all users of MyPhotoClub informed of features, improvements or upcoming events without bombarding them with emails, popups or flashing signs!

A moderately subtle way has been implemented to do this which I hope is a balanced method.


by Colin Woods, April 17, 2020