Please ensure your club executive receives this message.
(suggest they go to and subscribe)

MyPhotoClub charges clubs $10 per year per member. This is done by charging $5 per member in April and October. Clubs should ensure their membership lists are current so that they are not charged for departed members.

I am aware that with the social restrictions in place, club revenue may be impacted. Each club’s situation is different, so I have decided to take the following action:

  • The April invoice to clubs will be sent as usual – please pay on receipt.
  • The October invoice will be sent but the payment of this invoice will not be pursued – it will be up to each to determine if they can afford to pay.

Any photography clubs wishing to sign up to use MyPhotoClub this year will not receive an invoice until April 2021. Please let any photography clubs you know of this offer. My am is to assist as many clubs as I can to maintain connectivity with their members during this difficult time.

Kind regards from Colin – stay safe and stay home!