Clubs using MyPhotoClub can now nominate entries from all of the entries within their club database to form their entry into any MyPhotoClub hosted interclub competition.

Currently, MyPhotoClub hosts these interclub competitions:

  • APS Australian Cup
  • NSW FCC Interclub
  • Northern Zone Interclub

This system functions the same as the method club members use to nominate existing entries for entry into a second competition.

A reminder that clubs can still run a pre-selection competition to select their entries. Once the pre-selection competition is completed then simply use this process to enter the selected images.

To use this system:

  • Login with your normal MyPhotoClub login and goto the website hosting the competition.
  • Proceed to the entry form by first selecting the club you represent then proceed.
  • If your club uses MyPhotoClub the SELECT FROM YOUR CLUB MEMBERS IMAGES button will be visible on the entry form.
  • This takes you to the full list of entries within your club. Use the filter, sort and slideshow options to decide which images to select.
  • Repeat for each entry slot in the interclub competition.

A demonstration video is available here and on the selection page at