I have been thinking about doing something like this for a while and this is, unfortunately, the perfect time to release this service.

Everyone at MyPhotoClub accepts entries from any person who is a member of a MyPhotoClub camera club. The competitions are themed with two entry slots and run weekly. The judging will be done using online scoring where a score between one and five is given for each entry. Everyone is enabled to participate in the online scoring.

There is no entry fee or charge for using this.

A post regarding this service will be placed on your club website on Sunday 12th April. Please contact me if you do not want this to happen.

Each entrant’s privacy is maintained as the club level features of viewing profiles and other images of the entrant are disabled.

You can access the website by at https://everyone.myphotoclub.com.au/

It is also listed on your entry page under:
Other MyPhotoClub competitions currently open

Or using All Sites icon

The aim of MyPhotoClub is to enhance activities within your club and to provide opportunities to participate in wider events. I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions about how it is going.