MyPhotoClub has a comprehensive remote judging system. This system is used primarily for digital entries but there is no reason why it cannot be used for prints. There are two possible ways to record the judge’s comments, either by writing the comments or by recording them on video.

The video recording process does not necessarily need to use the remote judging process of allocating a judge. The result of the judging can be awards written on the entry list and the YouTube links.

For information on the Remote judging process go to

Steps to create a video of judging.

  • Generate an entry list using the Create Entry List in Manage Collections. Here is an example entry list
  • Order the prints according to the entry list and send them to the judge
  • The judge then assesses the prints and considers what they will say about each entry.
  • A recording setup can then be set up. Here is a simple example using a chair with a camera on a tripod and the prints stacked on a chair. Record a short piece and review to ensure lighting is OK, focus works as expected and there are no reflections.
  • This video demonstrates how a judging session can be recorded. This second one discusses how to manage portrait-oriented prints.
  • Once recorded the next step is to upload it to YouTube. If you don’t have an account register for one by following the sign-in process.
  • This video explains how to (using a Mac) trim the video and then upload it to YouTube.
  • The end result is the link that is emailed to the club competition manager.
  • The judge can use the entry list to record the results.
  • The competition manager then records the awards using Result Entry and when publishing pastes the links to the videos in the additional information. After the results are published the results post can be edited and the videos added there if you wish them to be public.