Having three judges to assess score entries is the standard arrangement for ‘formal competitions’ which may have national or international accreditation. MyPhotoClub offers a several options to facilitate this.

  1. Three judges in a room together view each entry (print or projected) and record the score for each entry using a USB Keypad connected to a computer. This is known as the DJS software/keypad method.
  2. Online scoring of digital entries each entry by a judge from their home. Can be done

Using the DJS software/keypad method.
Here is an overview of what is involved in using this method.  There is quite a bit of setting up and becoming familiar that you will need to do

The software I recommend to use is called DJS judging and is a free software product available at   http://alwaysphotographing.com/cms/digital-judging-system/.  The download link is at the very bottom of the page.  The hardware you need is:
• 3 USB keypads – wireless are the most convenient
• A 4 port USB hub to connect the keypads
• A Windows computer – will not run on a Mac.
• Projector
• Computer configured to duplicate what is on the computer screen onto the projector.

When entries close you download a zip file containing all the images and data files.  When the zip is unpacked onto the computer you will see a folder for each competition containing all the image and data files required.

You then open the competition folder in DJS and the images load.  You then start judging and record the scores for each image. The system allows for multiple rounds of judging to select awards. It is a very fiddly piece of software, and it definitely takes some practice to use it.

Once the judging is complete there is an option to Export Results to CSV under the file menu. This exported file is then loaded into MyPhotoClub using the awards and acceptances page. This imports the scores.  The awards and acceptances are then set using this page.

The alternate method – online judge the initial scoring round beforehand, and then using the web site for Awards and Acceptance on the judging day.

For this method the three judges score all of the image online before the judging day. This is the method used by the APS competitions.

On the judging day only the top scoring images are reviewed and discussed to determine the award winners.  Only a computer/projector with good internet connection is required.

I hope you will choose the latter method as I feel it is much simpler, involves less hardware and the need to use and external piece of software.