MyPhotoClub has a new feature called the Critique Corner.  I can tell you that through the testing of this feature and personally uploading a few images  I have gained substantial value from the feedback received.  There will be a natural shyness by members to put forward images so please upload an image yourself to get the ball rolling.

There are no maintenance tasks required by your club for this feature.   The Critique Corner is a collection located in the year 2019. It is set for one entry with image dimensions of 1920×1200.  You can edit this collection to change the dimensions or add more entry slots using Collection Maintenance.
Please consider creating a post on your site and let your members know about this feature using this content:

A new feature, known as the critique corner, has been introduced to the club website.

The Critique Corner aims to help members to fine-tune potential entries by gaining feedback from other members before the image is entered into a competition. 

All members, regardless of experience are encouraged to upload images and make comments on images.  The aim is to help each other to develop both your image capture and processing skills, and to take the judges’ point of view when assessing an image. There are no grades within this activity.

Each member can upload one image.  Once uploaded you can use this image in an upcoming competition.  You can remove the image and replace it with another image whenever you choose.

The critique corner is accessible from the Members page (use the grey Members button) as shown below:

This is a new MyPhotoClub feature so feedback to is welcome. All members are subscribed to receive a once a day notification message when new images are submitted. Go to the Critique Corner to unsubscribe.

More information, including a video, is on the Critique Corner page.

Critique Corner demo video –