A comment can now be added to any image uploaded into MyPhotoClub. This feature has been added to all entry forms. After an entry has been made the entrant can use the blue View / Remove Entries button to access a popup that enables adding/editing of comments and titles. Titles can now be edited as well.

How are these comments used?

These comments are not visible to a judge of your competition. The only exception is the APS Conceptual Photography prize, where the comment is part of the entry.

For clubs, when a competition is published and viewable to members the authors comment will appear at the top of the comments. Below you can see the comment added to an entry of mine and how it sits with the judges comments and another members comment.

When using entry spaces like the critique corner, the entry form has the comment area available at the time of uploading the entry. Use this space to invite critique of your image and what questions you have about it.